• justice wanted

    In  Heartland, USA, Justice has gone missing.
    Here, we will leave no stone unturned in our quest to find it.


    The creator of this site claims no moral high ground. No one should. Humans are highly flawed. The question is, how do highly flawed Humans elect other highly flawed Humans to rule and control them? Should they? Or is there a better way to expand the Anarchic nature of our everyday consensual interactions to forge a better society

    What's happening

    Reno's Gold

    While the Reno's gold is still mentioned from time to time, time has forgotten the true tale & the nature of the Reno's gold is a rare treasure beyond a shadow of a doubt, though it's not gold, it's just...

    A Tale Untold

    History is written by the conquerers. As with the Reno's gold & the true treasure there, history is a treasure waiting to be uncovered. In this section lies a history of a stolen birthright, a crime against Humanity & possibly the answer to a mystery shrouded in the earliest writings of History.


    Ah Justice, the rarest of treasures in this day and age. Especially rare here in Jackson County Indiana where the courts are stacked and the jail is packed. From the days of the Renos to today, folks have been seeking Justice. May we find it now.

    dedicated to heroes everywhere


    Media is vitally important to our society. This is our information. This is what helps us form our opinions   of current events in our world. So it is equally important if we know who is providing that info, aka,    who controls our media...


    All Sources Will Remain Anonymous