If, before you finished reading this publication, you ever wondered why the U.S. federal government refuses to consider the medicinal and industrial value of cannabis hemp, despite widespread and growing support from the public, medical experts, industry leaders, and a growing number of state legislators across this nation . . . you now have the answer.  

    For the past several generations, Americans have been systematically deceived about the true nature of cannabis hemp. Many Americans have died - victims of political murders. Millions have been imprisoned, their children and their property taken away, their futures destroyed. The history of my own state - Kentucky - and others as well, have been "sanitized," rewritten, our heritage deleted, our citizens defrauded and impoverished to bury the truth.  

    And if, before you finished reading this publication, you ever wondered why the U.S. federal government would train and finance Central American death squads; or why, while waging the so-called "war on drugs," the U.S. federal government would operate cocaine and heroin smuggling operations around the world, bringing in tons of drugs to places like Mena, Arkansas; or why the U.S. federal government would "spread democracy" throughout the world by assassinating democratically elected politicians - both at home and abroad - replacing them with right-wing dictators and training their secret police in the latest techniques of torture, terrorism, and mind control; or why the U.S. federal government would conduct deadly medical and radiation experiments on unsuspecting citizens - including pregnant women, the mentally impaired, and children . . . you now have the answer.  

    The last question is "what are we going to do about it?" 




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